February 26, 2009

first time blogger

Welcome!  I created this blog for a class project and have no idea what I'm going to blog about but I guess I should start somewhere.  About me?  Let's see ... I'm finishing up my last semester in MIT's MBA Program and I'm really excited to graduate but also kinda sad that my two years here are coming to an end.  The things that I'm going to miss the most are:

1) Starting my day at 10 am
2) Having Fridays off
3) Having most of Tuesdays and Thursdays off too
4) Traveling the world on borrowed money
5) 3 months of summer break, 1.5 months of winter break, and 2 weeks of spring break
6) Learning from all my classmates and professors
7) And of course, all of the amazing people that I've met so far

Even though I'm sad to be leaving I can't wait to go back to
California!  I'm tired of being cold all the time!   It's funny because last year I went to a bachelorette party with a bunch of my girlfriends (who all live in California).  I met them in Vegas and I was wearing a big long down jacket, ugg boots and gloves. My friends showed up in jeans, flip flops and sunglasses. Sunglasses??!!? I don't even know where my sunglasses are.  I haven't even thought about them in months.  So yes - I'm definitely looking forward to some sunshine and my feet are tired of being couped up all day in fuzzy boots.

Here's a photo from the weekend in Vegas: Me, Alli, Grace, Mayra and Kristine.

Most of my family lives in LA. My little sister, Ivy, is there too and she has the most adorable dog. His name is Poncho but she calls him "crazy dog" and my parents call him "stupid dog." He's unbelievably misbehaved.  He's mischievous, sneaky and just crazy but he's sooo funny. When he was a puppy he was really quiet and just slept all the time. He looked so
innocent. But then, the next time I saw him 6 months later - he was nuts! He jumps on you and tries to lick your face (even when you're standing up!) and he's so strong that he nearly knocks you over. Keep in mind he's only like 25 pounds - but he's pure muscle. Anyways, his lack of manners prompted my sister to enroll him in doggy training school. Apparently, he just barks at all the other dogs the whole hour. I doubt he's gotten any better but that's what makes him so hilarious.  Crazy dog. 


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