July 19, 2009

My last year in my twenties.

I turned 29 on July 17. I can't believe I'll be 30 next year. It's good Chris is a year older, I feel better having that one year buffer. It helps me adjust to the next number. Anyways, we decided to go wine tasting in Massachusetts to celebrate. Wineries in Mass? I know... go figure. After some research I found this thing called the Coastal Wine Trail and we decided to do it.

First up: Milk and Honey Bazaar. On the way to our first winery we found this cute little stand that sold like 50 different cheeses. It was amazing! They also had baguettes and olives oils and anything else you'd want to eat with cheese. We grabbed some stinky brie, a gruyere-like cheese and a baguette and headed to Sakonnet (pronounced: sack-a-nut. Ha!) Vineyard to picnic.

After lunch we went into Sakonnet for a tasting.

I personally didn't like any of the wines. (I tried 6) Chris had mostly whites and I had mostly reds. I think Mass is known for its whites ... something about the grape growing season being short so reds just don't taste very full. Anyways, since I've been on a malbec kick, the reds at Sakonnet tasted like water to me.

Disappointed, we headed towards Westport Rivers. The wines there were pretty good. The tasting was all whites and we even tried a sparkling wine. Very yummy. After Westport we decided to switch gears and taste some beers. We went to check out Buzzards Bay Brewery. I don't like beer so I watched Chris drink. I think he liked it.

Overall, the wines were pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised. I also liked the fact that there weren't swarms of people and traffic and rules against picnicking like in Napa. It was a nice 29th birthday.


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