August 28, 2009

Long time no post.

So after reading my friend Lynette's blog, I've been inspired to keep up with mine. Let's see... current situation:
1) Living in Wolfeboro, NH (on Lake Winnipesaukee) in Chris' parents' house. Our room is in the basement. It's decorated with fishing poles, bears, deer and moose paraphernalia. After living at the Lake all summer, I've learned that this decorating style is called "Adirondack" and is really popular with the people here.
(The moose that lives in our room with us. His tag says his name is Wild and Wooly)

2) Still jobless. I've applied to about a million jobs so far and have not received any call backs.
3) Still dating Chris. 5 years and counting.

Since I don't have a job and live in a town where the population is less than 3,000, I've learned to find things to occupy my time.

  • Reading. Chris has a Wolfeboro library card so I drag him to the library every week to check out books for me. So far, I've finished the first three Harry Potter books and have been waiting FOREVER for Book 4 to come back to the library. I finally have it but since it took me forever to get it, I started reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Not bad. Vampires, sex, and mystery.
  • Gilmore Girls. In the basement where we live is a separate living room area with its own TV and DVR. I'm in heaven. I started recording Gilmore Girls and I'm now officially hooked. Dean just broke up with Rory because she didn't say "I love you" back when he said it to her.
  • Working out. Well now I don't have any excuses not to. Since the majority of my day is free time, I actually now don't mind working out as much. 20 mins on the treadmill, leg lifts, situps on the big bouncy ball, lunges, and arm weights. I can do all of this in the basement in front of the TV watching Gilmore Girls. Not bad.
  • Eating. Now that I'm bored out of my mind for most of the day, I seem to be always thinking about food. Not sure why. When I'm eating breakfast, I'm thinking about what I should have for lunch, and at lunch I'm thinking about dinner. There aren't too many restaurant choices here in Wolfeboro so my food options are usually between All-American, Diner, Pub, Fancy American or Americanized Chinese. I feel like I'm slowly starving here. At least I'll lose some weight this summer.
  • Lake stuff. You'd think because we live on the Lake we'd do more lake stuff but unfortunately, it rained most of June and July and the weather was cold and crappy. In August, it finally warmed up and we saw some sunshine but we spent two weeks in LA so we missed out on most of the good weather here. But when the weather is nice, we jet ski, boat, play in the water or just lay out and enjoy the sunshine.

(Chris and Lake Winnipesaukee)


Lynette said...

Wow we're so similar! I read the Twilight series. No gilmore girls but I got into Jon and Kate plus 8 before this crappy season started. I watched all the old episodes that were on TLC. I worked out and planned around meals. Its the only consistent thing in this unemployed life.

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