September 19, 2009

Rest of Taiwan

Some highlights from the trip...

I bought a hello kitty face mask because I didn't want to be the only person in Taipei not breathing filtered air:

I'm not even kidding, people are freaked out by H1N1. Free hand sanitizers are provided just about everywhere and in our hotel, there's a sign in the elevator telling visitors that the hotel is sanitized every two hours. Crazy huh? And they've brought the mask wearing thing to whole 'nother level ... you can find masks in every color and design .. it's a fashion statement.

After spending 2 days in Taipei, we left the city for a quick 3 day trip to Yilan and Hualien. We drove through the mountains on the windiest roads known to mankind (where me and Ivy got really, really carsick). We also stopped by the ocean:

Then we went to this national Taiwan culture museum and the most interesting things there were this sausage stand (yes, like a churro stand at an amusement park, except this one sold Taiwanese sausages with a side of raw garlic):

And this really cute Corgie who's legs kinda looked like little sausages:

We arrived in Yilan - known for its hot thermal springs and spent the afternoon soaking in really hot water.

I also got a fishy pedicure - well, not really a pedicure pedicure.  More like fishies eating the dead skin off your feet type of pedicure.

But it made my feet felt oh so soft afterwards.

In Hualien, we went to Taroko National Park and walked through the gorges. They provided us with free helmets:

Afterwards, we went to Hong Kong for the weekend. I've never been before so I was super excited. All I can say is, HK is really really hot (yes more hot and more humid than Taipei) and it's really really crowded. We tried to take the Ngong Pin 360 cable car to the big buddha on top of the mountain but after spending 40 minutes on the subway to get there, we found out that they were doing rope maintenance (you'd think the person selling us the tickets at the subway station would have told us before) ... sucks! So we missed out and decided to go on the Peak Tram instead. Oh god, it was so crowded and so hot on that tram, I almost passed out. Poor Ivy couldn't stand the heat, she nearly had a mental breakdown. I'm not kidding. Anyways, it was short trip to HK .... we had some dim sum, checked out the harbor side, and looked forward to going back to Taipei's much more bearable heat.


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Sounds like I need to get over to Yilan.

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