October 20, 2009

Are You For Real?

You know what I really hate?  This phrase: " ... the worst economy since the Great Depression ..." I know, I know - the economy sucks and the unemployment rate sucks (and it's only getting worse), but repeating this OVER and OVER and OVER again in every single media outlet is making me feel really really crappy.  I mean, I know it's bad. Trust me, I know.  I'm living in New Hampshire.

Case in point.  Chris is flying out to Portland (yes people - OREGON) for a second round at a company that is making him interview with 9 people, back to back, with NO scheduled breaks.  Not even a bathroom break.  The interview starts at 4:30 AM and doesn't even include a lousy meal.  This is confirmed by the itinerary he received via email about an hour ago.  He arrives at 10:30 PM on Tuesday night, interviews all day Wednesday and gets right back on the plane after he finishes his 2 hour mental ability and personality test (post the 9 interviews).  And you know what - he is excited about this.  He is excited and happy and hopeful and thanks his lucky stars that he even has this interview.  That is what the world has come to.  So yes, I know how bad the economy is.  While I'm on my soapbox ... I'll continue griping.  He has been looking for a full-time job since September of last year.  And when I say looking,  I mean he really is LOOKING.  Not half-assed looking like me.  And not, "oh maybe I'll take the summer off" looking (also like me).  He has been seriously looking and recruiting and interviewing his pants off.  The poor thing.

Let's all take this moment to pray (or meditate or chant or whatever you'd like) for Chris.  Let's pray that he does well on his interview.  Let's pray that he kicks all the other candidates in the butt.  And let's pray that he gets this job offer.  Not because I want to move to Portland but because my baby deserves a break.

P single S - I'll post something happy tomorrow to make up for this poopy and sort of angry note.  

P double S - I just got off the phone with IVY.  I think I might have convinced her to start her own blog :)   


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