October 28, 2009

The Battle of Unimportant Stuff

This post is dedicated to Jenn who has recently shed some light on this.

Picture this:  No work.  No school.  No kids.  No mortgage.  No real responsibility except eating, showering (and not even that if you don't feel like it) and filling your day with stuff to do.

When your life is devoid of important things like working or finishing grad school or taking care of kids or pets, the consequence is that you start to dwell on the little things.  The little unimportant insignificant things that just don't really matter.  Things like, should I re-organize my closet today?  Should I spend the morning making granny squares or catching up on Gilmore Girls?  Should I go into town to pick up shampoo today or tomorrow?  A list begins to form and it looks kinda like this:

Find good recipe for pumpkin bread.
Make pumpkin bread.
Paint toe nails.
Finish mint milano cookies.
Beat next level in Frogger Helmet Chaos.
Look for missing blue scarf.
Put summer clothes in storage.
Start Harry Potter 5.
Make Christmas wish list.

The list gets longer and longer and longer.  So long that its hard to figure out what to do and where to start.  And there's no point in prioritizing because everything on the list has a priority rating of 0! I start to feel overwhelmed and anxious and frustrated and then ....  finally .... defeated.  I, instead, decide to do nothing today and try again tomorrow.  Is this what my life has come to???  If so, then I need to find a job (or get a dog) soon.  I'm not sure how much longer I can take this.    


Lynette said...

Cute list. Not sure how you got overwhelmed, but then I decided to look back at the stress level of my recent decisions... not pretty.

BUT then I thought about how maybe this is just a personality trait that we have no matter what our employment status is... I like your theory better.

mini said...

dog dog dog :)

cuz when you start work it'll be hard taking care of a puppy

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