October 24, 2009

The Crappy Weather Chronicles

Today I woke up and heard the rain pitter pattering on the deck.  Not an unfamiliar sound because it rained pretty much the entire summer here (and during the spring and during the winter).

There's just something about rainy, gloomy, cold weather that makes me feel really really poopy.  Chris says this weather is cozy but I think it's just a nicer way of saying crappy.

I grew up in a place very different from here.
In a place ..
Where it's sunny and warm.
Where winters (snowy cold harsh winters) don't last for 6 months (!?!!) out of the year.
Where you don't have to plan around the weather.  (If you have a BBQ scheduled for Friday, the BBQ's gonna happen on Friday.  No ifs, ands, or buts.)
Where you can wear cute dresses and flip flops until November and start back up again in March.
Where you can hike and bike year 'round.
Where you don't have to "winterize" your house and put away your convertible car in storage.
Where you don't have to keep a shovel and a brush in your trunk to dig your car out of the snow.
And, the worst one, Where it doesn't rain consistently every 3 to 4 days.

I'm poopy because I'm not used to living in cold crappy weather.  And I'm poopy because I don't want to live in cold crappy weather.  Today I'm gonna hide out in my cave and be poopy and moody and unpleasant.  And I'm gonna blame it all on the weather.


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