October 11, 2009

Fancy Barn Restaurant

Saturday night Chris took me to the White Barn Inn. His parents got us a gift certificate there as an engagement gift so we decided to put it to use. This was probably one of the fanciest restaurants I've ever been to - and apparently, it's gotten more casual over the years. Anyhow, we were seated in the barn - it really is a barn but it's all fancy inside. It's a set menu and you choose an appetizer, an intermezzo, an entree and a dessert. Before the appetizer, they bring you a pre-appetizer, and before the dessert, they bring you a pre-dessert and then you eat the dessert that you ordered and then they bring you another after-dessert and then another after-after-dessert. There's also a bread lady that walks around with a basket of like 15 different breads and she's super informed about the breads so she can explain them all, what they're made of and can offer you a suggestion on what bread to choose based on what you feel like eating. I chose the sourdough mini baguette - you don't get sourdough as an option much around New England so it was nice a treat. It was a lot of courses but the portions were small so I was able to eat just about everything. Chris capped out at dessert - wuss.

This was the view from our table:

This was my lobster entree:

I think the tail meat was a little undercooked - I like it a bit firmer but it was still good. Chris ordered the beef - of course. I had the creme brulee with grapefruit sorbet for dessert (the sorbet was the best part):

This was the first after-dessert: a tray of mini chocolates, brownie and cherry candy things:

Us, after dinner.  Me, pink-faced, from the wine.


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