October 6, 2009

Farm Animals and Tree Logs

Yesterday, Chris' family took me to the Fryeburg Maine State Fair. They thought it'd be funny to see what my reaction was. I've been to the Fresno State Fair with Mayra and the girls - typical fair stuff: rides, games, giant pickles, fried twinkies (two thumbs up to suzz).... But yesterday I found out that fairs in Maine are a little bit different. Keep in mind, Fryeburg is way out in the sticks ... Everyone's dressed in LL Bean, people look like they work on a farm, and women still wear scrunchies. Just a side note, it was soooo crowded at that fair, you wouldn't believe it. I had no idea that that many people even lived in Maine. We sat in traffic for an hour and a half just to find parking (albeit, the only road that takes you into town is one-laned). But anyways, this was the fair:

1) Tons of competitions involving tree logs, axes, saws, and farm animals:This one is guys competing with log lifting machines... first guy to fill up their truck bed with logs wins.

This is what they call Springboard I think? Basically, a guy uses an axe to make a divet in a tree, sticks a plank board in it, and then gets up on that board and does it again, and again until he reaches the top and then he chops down the top piece of the tree. Fastest person wins.

This is Jack and Jill sawing. First team to saw through two pieces of wood wins.

Oxen pulling and horse pulling. They make horses and oxen pull really heavy blocks of concrete. Team that can pull the most weight wins.

2) Really cute farm animals:

And that was the fair. I had a hot dog, nachos, and caramel corn. It was a good day.


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