October 17, 2009

Frostbite and Hypothermia

I spent all day yesterday, cozy and warm, inside the house. But at 5 PM, Chris asked me to pickup hamburger patties for dinner at the Meat Market.  And yes, that is the actual store name - It makes me laugh every time I say it.  Not a problem. I grabbed the v-dub keys (Chris' mom offered her S500 for me to drive .... but given that I have no job or a penny to my name, I thought it wise to politely decline just in case) and headed out the door.  Right as a I stepped outside, the cold air took me by surprise. I've declared it officially, WINTER time. I went back inside the house and grabbed my North Face fleece to put on top of my sweatshirt AND thermal. It was probably about 40 degrees without the wind chill. What's wind chill you ask? I had no idea either before I moved to Boston. Wind chill is the "feel like" temperature on your skin factoring in the wind speed. Why do people live on the East Coast?!?? Anyways, it was bitter bitter cold outside. What ever happened to the Fall?   Sigh.  I'm hoping we move to warmer places before my seasonal affective disorder kicks in.  It's real. I swear.

When I got back from the market, I found Chris and his dad, knee high in the lake, lifting the stand up jet ski out. (It needed to go into storage.) See how they're both wearing sweats? Crazy Gaudets.


Ivy said...

Today in los angeles was a freezing 76 degrees and PARTLY CLOUDY. eugh hate clouds. haha i think i will text you the current weather in LA everyday to give you incentive to find a job over here where people are happy.

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