October 21, 2009

My Powers Of Persuasion

I've done it again.  I've convinced my little sister to do something that she doesn't want to do.  Ah ... the power of being an older sister.  Ever since we were little, I've convinced her to do things that she didn't want to do, that I would never want to do to myself, and that no person in their right mind would want do to themselves.

When I was 8 and Ivy was 4, we were really into collecting stickers.  Like we loved stickers.  It was our LIVES.  One day, Ivy added shiny hologram-y Lion King stickers to her collection.  They were so pretty and so shiny and I wanted them.  So I asked Ivy if she would trade me her beautiful Lion King stickers (the whole sheet which was like 20 stickers) for my one red "Okaloosa County Fire Department" sticker.  I got this sticker for free when the local firemen came to visit our elementary school for career day.  It was an ugly sticker BUT in my defense, it was a really big sticker ... at least as big as my 8 year old palm.  I told Ivy that this ugly round sticker was a special sticker.  That they didn't make these stickers anymore and that these stickers are very hard to get.  I told her that I didn't even want to part with this special sticker but that I would make an exception for her because she was my little sister.  So, yes.  The trade was made.  She was young and innocent and oh so gullible.  It was too easy.  I remember years later comparing our sticker collections and I had bins and albums and books of hundreds and hundreds of pretty stickers.  Ivy had a small little box filled with crappy ugly stickers.  

When I was 9 and Ivy was 5, I dared her to stick a small plastic bead up her nose.  I told her that it was fun and that it would just pop right out and it'd be cool if she just tried it.  And so she did.  She put the small bead up her nose and I laughed and giggled and then when she tried to pop it out, it didn't budge.  It was stuck.  And then she started crying and I started worrying that I was going to get into big  trouble.  My mom took her to the emergency room and the doctor removed the bead.  It really wasn't a big deal.

When I was 29 and Ivy was 25, I convinced her to start a blog.  I told her it'd be fun and that she could write about her diet or about Poncho her dog or about places she's been or whatever.  She said, "Ok maybe, I'll think about it."  And low and behold, this morning, I opened my Gmail account and there was the link to her new blog!!!!
I smiled because I knew that my powers of persuasion have won again.

I used to think that my ability to convince Ivy to do things was a talent.  That I was persuasive and powerful and cunning.  But now I know, it's because Ivy is nice and sweet and as Grace always says, "Ting - you're such a bully!"


Christopher Gaudet said...

You're not a bully! Your my sweet angel:) -- Note, TIng is here twisting my arm and yelling at me that she is not a bully, but a sweet little angel.

Lynette said...

I didn't need the note. The image was already in my head... except not arm twisting, but arm pinching and hitting.

Ting, I never think of you as having any powers of persuasion. We all realize and are completely aware that you're trying to get us to do things (for whatever reason at that moment) for you or for your entertainment. ...
.. I was going to continue but I don't really know why we do these things... maybe IT IS your powers of persuasion. :p

grace said...

dude you are the biggest bully i know! bully bully bully. ;)

Mayra said...

I think it is called being a big sister;) By the way, I'm a little inspired to start my own blog!

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