October 18, 2009

The Other Love Of My Life

This post is dedicated to Ivy.  I think she'll appreciate it the most. 

TV is soooooo good right now ....  I don't remember it EVER being so good - that's how good it is.  I've been spacing out the saved DVR-ed shows so that I can watch at least one episode of something good every night.  And the best thing is, most of the shows you can watch online.  Which is great, because we don't have a TV in the bedroom ... just one of the things I miss not having my own place ... so that means we can watch it on our computer lying in bed.  Ahh ... what more could you ask for?

So here's my top 10 (as of today 10/18 ... It changes every night after I watch a new episode):

1) Stargate Universe. It's on the SYFY channel, need I say more.
2) Flash Forward.  I still giggle every time I see Harold trying to be a hardened, bad-tempered cop.
3) Fringe.  Not just because I get to see Pacey every week, but because the show is a perfect combination of the X-files (without the aliens) and The Outer Limits (which was a way better show than The Twilight Zone, but doesn't ever seem to get any credit for it).
4) Heroes.  Of course.  I'll never get tired of Peter Petrelli (whom I get a double dose of, because he also plays bad boy Jess on Gilmore Girls).
5) Vampire Diaries.  Because it kinda reminds me of Twilight and that makes me happy :)  
6)  Jon and Kate + 8.  Yes, I still watch it but only because it's ending soon.  I know.  Sad.  But I hate Jon.  And Kate is really starting to annoy me.  BUT the kids are just so darn cute.  Especially Leah.
7) The Office.  Why at spot #7 you ask?  Because I thought the Wedding Episode was Lame.  The only funny part was Andy getting his scrotum cut.  HA!
8) 18 Kids and Counting.  Because they're all so nice.  Like not of this world kind of nice. It's refreshing and strangely addictive.  And no, they're not Mormon.
9) Little Couple.  It's a nice twist on Little People Big World, another one of my favorites.  And I like watching Jen shop in the little girls' section.  And she's a doctor which is cool.
10) Gilmore Girls.  It's only at the bottom because I just finished watching about 15 episodes in 3 days.

The moral of this posting:  I watch too much TV.

P to the ess - I heard from Jenny today.  It's snowing in Boston.  How depressing is that.  


Lynette said...

... and I watch absolutely no TV. This past weekend doesn't count since it was only by proximity and in a language I don't get when they talk that fast.

Also nice layout. Make one for me too! I'm so serious. I'm sure you had some 2nd best ideas you can give me.

Ivy said...

you are so lucky... if i had DVR i would never see the light of day... neither would obette, i'd make him veg out next to me and bring me my vacuum sealed, shrink wrapped, fake meat filled, processed nutrisystem meals to me so i wouldnt have to get out of bed. Maybe they can train poncho to retrieve fridge items for me?

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