October 30, 2009


Alas, it was time to carve our pumpkins from Wal-Mart.  :)  We had been putting this off for quite some time because of interview prepping, my poopy mood from the rain, and because pumpkins rot really quickly after they've been cut open.  Anyways, I picked out a silly/scary face stencil and Mr. Fancy Pants chose Frankenstein.  

Step 1: Cut lid - At angle! - Which I forgot to do one year and the lid fell straight in. Go me.

Step 2:  Dig out pumpkin guts and tape stencil to pumpkin.

Step 3: Poke holes using metal shish kabob skewer.

Step 4: Connect the dots using sharp knife.

Step 5:  Start to get impatient because hand feels like it's gonna fall off.  (Don't I kinda look like Ivy in this picture?)

Step 6: When finished, enjoy pumpkins and be silly.

Happy Halloween!!!
love, Ting  


Lynette said...

Step 2 felt like a bit much. Maybe break that one out into two steps. :p I'm being lame.

I've never done this before. Y'all made it look too easy.

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