November 12, 2009

Square One

(How I feel right now)

And I'm back in my cave again.  I flew into Boston last night and on my flight sitting in front of me was a  mother and her 10 week year old son.  And you know what .... he slept the entire time.  I mean the ENTIRE time.  Amazing huh?  I felt kinda bad because when I first saw her walking towards me holding the screaming baby, I started cursing under my breath and giving her dirty annoyed looks and  was thinking crazy thoughts like "Why me?" and "What have I done to deserve this again?" But it was all for nothing ... me and my unnecessary (but completely warranted) prejudice towards people who travel with babies.  You know what I was thinking ... I was thinking that airlines should have separate flights with people traveling with families and people who don't.  I mean, who wouldn't pay a premium to sit on a nice quiet flight without screaming babies and children running up and down the aisles?  Chris thinks that that's discrimination ...blah blah.  But I think it's just segmenting the market ... Kinda like how they split up first class and economy. Same thing in my mind. I should think more about this and write a letter to Virgin America.  They could be the new "Adult Only Airline." How awesome would that be?          

When I stepped off the plane, I thought they had the air conditioning blasting but it turns out, that was just the outside air temperature.  Chris picked me up at the airport and we headed to Cheesecake Factory for dinner (Chicken quesadillas and a Santa Fe Salad) and then we started the 2 hour trek back to the woods of New Hampshire where the temperature proceeded to drop another 10 degrees.  Lovely.

So on another note, I didn't get my job.  They called to let me know that they decided to hire internally for the 3 positions.  Yes, for all 3 positions.  I guess things happen for the best?  In a way, I was kinda relieved because I really wasn't looking forward to managing door hardware and I was just so not psyched about the job.  But then again, it would've been nice to start packing up my stuff and start looking for a new apartment in Orange County.  Ah well ... what can ya do.


mini said...

hi ting!! i love the cute doggie photos!! hehe

flying related story. on my lovely united flight back from Hong Kong (no personal tvs). i had the pleasure of sitting in a cabin with screaming babies ..and a crazy woman. I swear she was crazy. she started sobbing 2x during the flight. like scary sobs. then she started singing chinese folk songs? (think yunnan tribal variety) ... and the most bizzare yet. she started "showering" in the air vents :-/

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