November 19, 2009

Farmville Farmville Farmville

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I can't stop thinking about my crops.  I think about them while I'm showering.  I think about them while I'm lying in bed.  I even think about them during Gilmore Girls commercial breaks ...

This addiction has made a turn. for. the. worse. 

Last night, around 11, I went into the game to harvest my pumpkins and re-plant with rice so that it would grow over night and I could harvest it the next morning.  When I tried to open the market to buy my rice, the application didn't work.  I couldn't access it.  There I was, with barren already plowed and ready to go land with NO SEEDS to plant with.  Then I saw a yellow bar across the screen stating that Farmville is aware of this problem and that they are working to solve it.  Panicked, I ran over to Chris in the other room ....

"Babe! The market doesn't work!  I CAN'T BUY MY RICE SEEDS."

Chris, looking all smug, says to me in the most sarcastic tone that someone as nice and sweet as Chris could ever use, "Oh well that's too bad."

Well of course he's all smitten because he's already planted his seeds for the night and since we've been in a death match ever since we started this sick obsession called Farmville he knows that if I don't plant my rice TONIGHT, I will never be able to catch up with him. 

Ugh.  The agony.  So, I did what any sensible person would have done.  I waited. And waited. And waited until midnight thirty and that is where I drew the line.  I had wasted one and a half hours of my life, waiting for a fake market to open to buy fake seeds to plant on my fake farm so that I could make fake money. Well - I wasn't going to be manipulated any longer.  I was tired and frustrated and angry and in rebellion against Farmville, I went to bed .......

Where I then proceeded to take out my pent up aggression out on Chris because, well, that always makes me feel better.  

We climbed into bed and the first thing I did was stick my finger straight into his ear (he hates that) and then he thought he would be funny and stick his finger up my nose and then he used his elbow to wrap around my neck in a choke hold and then I used my leg to knee him in a place I won't mention and then I giggled because I always giggle when I knee him in that unmentionable place and by the time I finnagled my way out of his arms, his elbow was on my hair ripping at its roots which HURTS like a mother and made me kinda angry so I do what I always do when he accidentally yanks at my hair ... I purposely grab a handful of his and I pull really hard and then I say, "Doesn't feel too good does it??"  I only do that because, well, it's only fair.  Girls always have their hair accidentally and unpleasantly yanked at because it just happens to be long and guys just don't realize how much that really really hurts.  

Ahhhh.... and then I felt better.  We cuddled the rest of the night until we fell asleep.


Christopher Gaudet said...

Now everyone knows the truths as to why I am going bald. TIng has had a "hand" in it.

btw, my unmentionables still hurt. But all that matters is that you felt better and could sleep :)

Ting said...

Aww.. my fiance loves me ... I love you too babe :)

grace said...

bully. ;)

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