November 25, 2009

I can't help myself.

Yesterday I tried the sandwich of the day at the Jelly Belly Deli.  It was called "The Dangerfield."  And let me tell you ---- it was indeed dangerous.

Sandwich contents:
Hot Pastrami (very fatty but very tasty)
Grilled Mushrooms
Grilled Onions
Melted Provolone Cheese
Blue Cheese Dressing

All on a 10 inch sub roll.  I, of course, felt disgusting after I inhaled half of it (that's why you only see half, the other half was already in my stomach).  I always do that -- order something that I know I shouldn't eat because I know it's really fattening and I know I'm gonna feel gross afterwards, but I always order it, eat it and then after the feeding frenzy wallow in regret and guilt.  It's a sick cycle I tell ya.

I promise next time I'll order the Veggie on a wheat wrap.  Pinky promise.


Christopher Gaudet said...

You should do like me and have the very lean steak and cheese sub with onions and mushrooms. I'm sure that has zero fat and is low calorie :)

Ok, I know. I promise to have a Veggie wrap too. It is just so good!

grace said...

almost as good as Bay Cities hot pastrami dripping in fatty beef juice. actually... now that i mention it, i'm drooling...

Lynette said...

another great pic! i need to get a job so i can buy a nice camera... and learn how to use it too.

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