November 18, 2009

Itchy and Scratchy

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Interesting thing of note: I have been breaking out in hives this past week and I have no idea what's causing it. No idea at all.  All I know is that I started getting itchy when I got back from California.  Here are my guesses on what's causing this miserableness:

1) The stinky dog. Chris' brother's dog that's huge and stinky and furry (but very sweet) was here all last week and her hair was EVERYWHERE.  On my clothes. In my food. In my mouth.  Yes - I found Monet's hair INSIDE my mouth. How gross is that. I never really touch her (for the reasons aforementioned) but for some stupid reason, I was petting her all last week because I missed Poncho and stinky Monet just kept looking at me with her sad puppy dog eyes telling me, "Please pet me. I smell bad and shed everywhere so no one ever wants to pet me." So I fell for it and every time I walked into that kitchen (where she's barricaded in, specifically, so that her hair doesn't get all over the house) I would rub her belly and pet her head while she panted at me with her stinky breath.  Which then of course meant that I'd be wearing all of her dog hair and thus consequently finding it everywhere on me, in me, and floating around me.  

2) The dry air.  It's been really cold and dry here.  So dry that my skin looks all flaky and cracky and gross. As a result, I've been pouring on lotion like a mad woman. And since I can't afford to cover my entire body everyday with my normal Kiehls Deluxe Coconut Body lotion with Aloe Vera and Oatmeal ($20), I have resorted to Aveeno's scent free lotion ($5).  It works just as well and I don't feel guilty when I'm pouring a quarter of the bottle at a time onto my skin. Hmm ... which makes me think ... maybe it's the massive amounts of lotion on my skin that's causing the itchiness?
3) My psyche.  Maybe it's all in my head? I'm unemployed. I'm cold all of the time. I spend half my day making granny squares and the other half doing god knows what ... Maybe I'm just really unhappy?  And my body is telling me that I need a change?

4) A combination of all the above.

Chris thinks that my hives are caused by my scratching and if I just stop scratching it'll all go away.  Well yes DUH - I know scratching irritates my skin and makes it angry and red and puffy, but WHAT IS CAUSING THE ITCHINESS I ask???

Please share your thoughts. I've been mulling this over with WebMD and eHealthForum for the past few days, so I would really like to know what you think.  Comment section below.  


Christopher Gaudet said...

It appears to me that you are allergic to some dogs. Can't take the chance and get a dog that you could be allergic to. Maybe we could get a pet mouse :)

Mayra said...

Take Benadryl. I've only broken out in hives once and that was after spending the night at your Sac apartment when Suzzy brought Elvis over. So maybe the hives are because of the dog!

Cindy said...

euceryn cream or lotion for itchy skin(it actually says the word itchy on it) and cetaphyl soap (comes in pump bottle or bar form).
I had the same problem from stress, my doctor recommended those two products. I think yours is a combination of stress and cold weather. Use those products they really work and maybe some yoga breathing exercises...

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