November 3, 2009


And I'm back ...  I stepped off the plane and it was a balmy 75 degrees.  And remember folks, it's November.

On my flight and in the row in front of me was a woman and her 5 little children, all of whom were crying, yelling and kicking during the 6 hours it takes to get from Boston to Los Angeles.  The entire time I was thinking: I am being punished.  I am being punished for something horrible that I've done.  It must have been because I was in a mood on Halloween night.  Or maybe it was the time that I kept my mouth shut when the cashier at Ikea didn't charge me for my night stand AND coffee table? (I know! - How unlikely is that but can you really blame me?)  Or the time I deleted Mr. Baseball on the DVR and told Chris it was an accident.  Either way, me and the other 138 people on that flight were being punished for something very very horrible.  That's the only way I can justify the noises that came out of those 5 children.

I had my interview on Monday.  I felt good about it.  Good because I didn't make any of my distorted faces after a hard question or stare back in shock and horror when I couldn't assemble an answer.

Side Story ---
I was once asked by an interviewer:  Tell me about a time when you had to wear multiple hats.  
Ting: Ugh ... [long pause]
Ting: Umm ..... [longer pause]
Ting: Hmmm ... That's a great question.  [I wish I had a great answer.... instead I'm thinking about baseball caps and beanies and cowboy hats and garden gnomes and the pointy hats that they wear.]
End Story ---

The position I interviewed for sounds great but I'm not sure I'm ready to go back to work yet and I'm not sure I want to manage a portfolio of door knobs and door locks.  I mean, come on... door hardware, really??  Sigh.  But then if I got this offer, I'd have a job... a real job!  And a salary and reason to get out of my pajamas in the morning.  But a job means, waking up at the crack of dawn and putting on tight restrictive clothing and commuting and eating lunch in a cubicle and carpal tunnel and stress.  But it also means money and money means moving out of the basement, and paying back school loans and planning my wedding!  What to do what to do .... I'm secretively hoping that Chris gets his offer from Portland soon and I can put this whole job thing off for a little bit longer.


Christopher Gaudet said...

I'd really like a job too :) Crossing my fingers ....

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