November 7, 2009

The Sooner the Better?

I have decided to fast forward my wedding to August 2010 since 3 of my girlfriends/bridesmaids called and emailed to let me know that they are probably most likely going to be pregnant in 2011 (my original time frame).  Pregnant, I know.  I'm still trying to get used to the fact that we're old enough to be married.  Anyhow, I've decided that I can't have 3 pregnant bridesmaids.  Just imagine the alteration nightmare and the group photos and how unfun a wedding would be if you're 7 months pregnant and you're barely able to squeeze into your dress because of a bulging beluga belly and you can't drink and be merry and  celebrate with the bride and groom.  I just couldn't let that happen. So ladies and gentleman, the Chris and Ting wedding extravaganza has now been set for sometime in August 2010  :)  Pencil it in please.

Next step... finding a venue.  Not so easy. After calling a list of venues, I am finding out that you need to set a date very early.  Apparently like years early because dates fill up fast and Saturdays are popular wedding days. And since there are only 4 Saturdays in a month and everyone and their mother wants to get married in the summer by the ocean, there just aren't too many choices left.  But I am still keeping my fingers crossed for a nice ocean view.  Who knows ... maybe I'll get lucky and find a place that's actually available and affordable.

I am learning that planning a wedding is like writing a really good term paper.  You have to do it in chunks.  One piece at a time.  Because if you don't, you get overwhelmed and dizzy and you throw up your arms and you yell, "Geezus this is insanity!"  But then you walk away, eat a strawberry pocky and when you come back to it, it's not so bad anymore and you update your spreadsheet and call the next place on the list.

Now I have never been one of those "I've been planning my wedding my whole life" type of girls. I actually wanted to do something quick and easy in Las Vegas (and I wanted to wear a short sexy wedding dress but that's a whole different matter) but Chris said no.  No to the Vegas idea that is, not sure what his thoughts are on the short dress. Anyhow, Chris never says no, so when he said no this time, I figured this whole wedding ceremony thing is probably pretty important to him so I wasn't going to argue. AND I figured this gives me leverage.  Leverage to make him help me plan this thing whether he likes it or not, since technically it's kinda sorta a little bit more his idea than mine.  Isn't my logic grand?


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