November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving times two

This is my plate from T1. No picture for T2 b/c I completely forgot to take one.

On Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving #1.  It was just me, Chris, his parents and Jolie.  It was a preamble to the "real Thanksgiving" which was going to be held on Friday because Chris' two brothers couldn't make it on Thursday. You see holidays get rather complicated when you start mixing in girlfriends and wives and their families and what not.  And then well, how do you split up the holidays?  Answer is ... you don't.  Not really at least.  You just have two of them.  (Or three or four or god knows how many as the family gets bigger.)  Anyways, so this year we had, thank goodness, only two Thanksgivings.

And so on Friday we celebrated Thanksgiving #2 ... with about 25 other Gaudet's (mostly extended Gaudet's and the leftover nuclear Gaudet's that couldn't make it to T1).  It was quite a feat.  I spent most of the day in the kitchen prepping, cooking, serving and cleaning.  Which actually turned out quite well because for some reason I just wasn't feeling too chatty that day so I hid out in the kitchen and kept to myself.  I'm sure a few of the guests thought I was just the hired help so I didn't have to pretend that hard.  I'm just kidding.  But only a little bit.

Anyhow, the food was delicious both nights.  T1 was a bit better just because everything was homemade.  T2 was mostly catered but still pretty good.

Chris' plate from T1. 

And so I ask how was your Thanksgiving holiday?

FYI: My parents spent their Thanksgiving grillin' up steaks on the BBQ.  Yum.  Sorry I missed out on that :(  


Ivy said...

not just steaks.. we had chinese appetizers (tea eggs, sliced pork, seaweed salad), asparagus with sea salt and olive oil, bbq corn (dad's style), miso salmon and finally big large juicy rib-eye steaks. AND to top everything off, I baked home-made key lime pie with sour cream topping. sooo good. poor obette, he did everything while dad drank wine and talked about his squash garden. ha

Lynette said...

Chris had some big portions. Does he know you can go back for seconds?

I like your choices and presentation much better. I don't care to have my food touching each other so much. I also don't like peas and I prefer white meat. So jelly. Looks like a real Thanksgiving.

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