November 29, 2009

There's no place like home.

I'm ready to go home.  Not that I have a home to go back to but I think I'm definitely ready to leave this small town and live in my own home again.  Not my parents' home and not Chris' parents' home but my own home.  

I miss my bed and my red KitchenAid mixer and having all my clothes under one roof.  I miss walking around in my underwear after I get out of the shower and I miss eating food straight out of the container from the fridge.  I miss using regular sponges to wash the dishes and I really miss my spatula.  I really do.  It's the perfect size and has just the right amount of give when I'm making an omelet.  And I also miss leaving my blow dryer and curling iron and dirty clothes laying out in the bathroom and I miss not having to put on a smile and prepare for a 30 minute conversation every morning when I go upstairs to get a cup of coffee.  And I know it's SO superficial, but I really miss my stuff.  ALL of my stuff that's currently being held hostage in storage unit 1053 in Everett, Mass.  I actually get a little weepy eyed whenever we visit there ... really, ask Chris.  

It's been a great run out here in the woods of New Hampshire, it really has, and I know I'll look back on it years from now and sigh and think, "Wow I really miss living in Chris' parents' basement and having tasty home cooked meals prepared every night and never having to fill the fridge and the delight of having HBO and DVR at my fingertips and always having a friendly someone to chat with when Chris is studying for his CFA or on the internet diligently searching for a job.  And I'll miss living in a beautiful lake house right on the water and having cleaning ladies sanitize my bathroom every week. God I really will miss not having to clean the toilet."

But right now at this point in time I'm just about ready to call it quits.  I'm tired of living in someone else's house and living in someone else's life.  I'm also tired of looking for a job that doesn't exist.  And I'm tired of being responsible for absolutely nothing. 

I'm just ready for my life to begin again.  I don't think that that's too much to ask.  


Cindy said...

You WILL get your life back. Lots of young couples go through what you are going through. You have your whole life ahead of you and so this is part of the life experience so that when you do get a goody house you will appreciate it that much more. You have accomplished so much already by braving out grad school at MIT...and not settling for a career that makes you unhappy....besides it seems your calling is journalism. This blog could be a great novel. I visualize you doing book signings.

Christopher Gaudet said...

I agree with Cindy. I have a strong feeling that things will go our way soon and our life together will be great. Little speed bumps in life are just things that really make you appreciate what you have. Don't worry and I promise things will turn around soon. Love you :)

Lynette said...

I loved the post until I read the mushy comments. Is that bad?

Miss you.

Ivy said...

hhah me too! I'm going to do a ting-ism. This is what she would say to me if the situation was reversed... "suck it up, its not THAT bad. There are people in third world countries without limbs". Look on the bright side, you're coming home (well my home) to sunny california where its always a balmy 79 degrees rain or shine, well since it never rains here its just come sun. Poncho misses aggravating you, come home soon.

grace said...

take it from me. work sucks.

Coastal Suzz said...

you're funny! I think you will be missing the days of the lush life of living in NH! Remember how you felt about LV, Sac, Bay area....You crave change and I just think it's time :) Happy moving!! PS, I didn't get this post - why is that???

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