November 16, 2009

Sometimes I feel like I'm in the movie The Village.  That's how remote the town of Wolfeboro is.  Jenny came to visit our humble town this weekend.  Bless her soul.  I took her to the Jelly Belly Deli for lunch and after looking around at the patrons in that fine establishment, she said to me:

"Ting, I feel like we're in a different world."

I replied, "Yes, Jenny.  We are. Welcome to Wolfeboro."

There's not much to do here (and plus it was raining ... I know -- shocking) so the weekend was lacking in excitement (sorry Jenny!) but it was nice hanging out, chatting, and catching up :) We made veggie burgers, played Banagrams, drank wine, and watched movies.  AND, she introduced me to my new drug of choice: Farmville.  I then proceeded to force Chris to play.  And now, we're both addicted.  I need a cow.  I don't have any and Chris has like 10 so I need to catch up.  Send me cows please.

Jenny, Chris, and the moose that joined us for Sunday Brunch.  I asked Chris why he wasn't looking at the camera and he said, "Oh I thought it was supposed to be a candid photo."  Really?!?!?!  Sigh.


Lynette said...

It does look like a candid shot. haha! I want a Thanksgiving sandwich. :(

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