December 29, 2009

Christmas Week Highlights

#5: Pre-Christmas dinner California style - BBQ baby back ribs, Ribeye steaks and corn on the cob.  
BBQ master of the evening: Christopher Gaudet

#4: Presents, presents and lots of presents.  My favorite this year - Professor Layton game for my DS. Thanks babe :) 

#3: Spending Christmas in Las Vegas and stopping at In N' Out for lunch on the way there.

#2 Having Christmas Eve dinner at the Bellagio buffet and trying a rambutan for the first time (tastes just like a lychee) along with prime rib, shrimp cocktail, salmon sashimi, fresh cherries, longan fruit and creme brulee.  All VERY delicious.

#1 Playing bingo at the South Point Casino with a bunch of really old ladies for 3 solid hours.  Obette was the only one of us that won - a jackpot of $13.  So much fun! 

 I hope you had a wonderful holiday!  


Lynette said...

does this mean your done with farmville?
and what kind of order was this list in?

bbq looked delish!

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