December 21, 2009

Poncho's new boyfriend

Meet Chico Valdez.  Chico was sitting outside my parents' house this morning when Chris and I went for our walk.  He didn't have any tags and just kept following us everywhere we went so we brought him back to the house and decided to give him some food and water.  Ivy also gave him a bath.  He wasn't dirty and his nails were short and manicured and he's neutered so we don't think he's a stray.  None of the neighbors recognize him so we're gonna keep him for now.

Poncho keeps trying to hump him and pee on him.  It's kinda funny.  He's just being a bully.

Here's a pic of them cuddling.

Don't be fooled.  It took hours for Poncho to calm down and actually pretend that he likes lying next to  Chico.  Ivy was yelling at him for hours, "Poncho BE NICE!!! LAY DOWN!"


Lynette said...

I wasn't fooled. I see him sleeping with one eye open and he looks very tense.

mini said...

Haha I was gonna post the same thing. Poncho is up to no good ....

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