December 8, 2009

Pretty pretty white snow

It snowed on Saturday night.  We were in Harvard Square walking to Wagamama's for dinner.  The first snowfall is always wonderful because it's been a whole year since you've last seen it and it's just so pretty and peaceful and it falls like a blanket of white bliss and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  I remember my first snowfall in Cambridge.  I put on my rain boots and snowboarding jacket and ran outside and Chris took pictures of me making snow angels in the empty parking lot next to our apartment.  Sigh.  It was so nice.  If only I knew what was to come ahead.

You see, after the snow falls, the next day you wake up all grumpy and tired because the plows (machines that push the snow off the road so people can drive the next day) have kept you up all night and the pretty white snow is all caked in mud and shoveled off to the side in huge heaping brown mounds and it just looks like crap, literally.  And then you step outside and nearly break your neck from the ice on the sidewalk because your Uggs don't have the right traction and you would think that all Uggs would be snow ready because well - just look at them - they look like snow shoes!!!?!  And then you walk to your car and can't find it because it's hiding under 4 feet of snow and you have to use a small plastic shovel to scoop by scoop remove the mounds of cursed whiteness off your car.  And then after spending 45 minutes of digging you come to the realization that this just isn't humanly possible to do every time you want to drive your car and you reluctantly decide to fork over the $250 for a monthly parking space underground.  Yes I know, it is an outrageous amount of money but trust me, it's worth each and every penny.  And after all that loveliness called snow, you begin to realize that it's not so much fun and that cold weather is not that great and you have six months of this miserableness ahead.  And let me add that I haven't even mentioned the chapped and chaffed skin and the wind chill and the fact that it can actually hurt to breath when you're outside.

But anyways, back to my initial point ... the first snow fall is really pretty and peaceful and you don't remember any of the bad things and you just enjoy watching the fluffy white flakes as they fall to the ground.

Post Script - I never actually had to dig the car out of the snow.  But I did have to watch Chris do it.  And it didn't look fun.  And he was pretty grumpy when he finally got into the car.  

Post Post Script - But Chris loves the snow.  When his mom told us that a huge snowstorm was coming in tonight, he said out loud, "Yay!  I'm so excited!!"  What a weirdo.   


Christopher Gaudet said...
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mini said...

I agree about the ugg boots wth

Cindy said...

Snow is only fun for children.
Growing up in New York our parents shoveled the snow and us kids got to go sledding , have snowball fights and make snow angels.
My Dad was the lucky one who had to scrape the ice off the car windows so he could see to drive.
Oh and best of all , SNOW days, no school!

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