January 13, 2010

Another entry about the dog

Last week, I went with Ivy to Petsmart to buy out and I mean, literally, "buy out" the Christmas sale section of dog and cat toys.  Yeah he likes cat toys too.  He's a strange one.  It's all 75% off so she just buys everything and justifies the purchase as "well it'll last him the rest of the year."  This is just 4 bags of toys, the other half or so is in the closet.  Sometimes I think he lives a better life than I do.

Here he is with his ridiculous reindeer costume on.  He's not happy.  I wonder what he's thinking ... probably something like, "Man, I hate this costume more than anything."

So anyhow, the other day Poncho was running around the house and he somehow managed to flip his toenail so that it was pointed at a 90 degree angle into his paw.  It had cracked and it was bleeding like a mother and apparently he was still running around like a crazy jolly joe that he is.  According to Ivy it was pretty nasty.  She's lost a few toenails herself (once in NYC when one of the doors at the NYU library went over it and another time when a dumbbell fell on it --- not from working out, but from falling off her dresser) so she's all traumatized by the whole incident and had to bring him to the vet so they could hold him down while they cut it off.  Poor dog.  Anyways, moral of the story -- trim your nails.

Here's a pic of Gimpy McGee:

And here's Gimpy trying to bite his cast off.


Lynette said...

one of the cutest blog posts ever.

mini said...

get well soon poncho!

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