January 6, 2010

The Google Game part two

This time let's do Chris.  Fun fun...

My Name:


Hahahaha - this is hilarious.
I wonder if this is what Chris looks like when he gets really mad.  I shudder at the thought.

City I Was Born In:


I actually had to ask Chris where he was born.  Lame huh.  Bad girlfriend.
I wonder if he even knew that I wasn't born in the states.

My Age:


30.  Crazy huh.  It sounds so grim and absolute.
I wonder how I'll handle turning 30.  Probably not too well.

My Favorite Food:


That was an easy one.  Chris loves him some beef.  All kiiiiiinds of beef.

Favorite Place To Be:


Acadia National Park.  One of my favorites too.
Here are links to photos of our first time, second time (during fall foliage with Sloanies)
and third time there, in case you're really really bored.

Next Place I Want To Travel To:


I could do Australia.  Perhaps on our way to New Zealand we can make a stop.

Favorite Animal:


Newfoundlands.  They're HUGE ... but cute.  Chris grew up with two of them - Ben and Bambi.
Their cremated remains are under the bed in the basement
and that's why Chris' little brother, Jon Ross, refuses to sleep there.
Chris and I have this deal -- I can't get a Boston Terrier unless he can get a Newfoundland.  So I guess we aren't getting either -- can you imagine having one of these in a one bedroom apartment??

Who I'd Like To Marry (besides me of course):


I'd marry her over Angelina too.  My mom's standing over me and she saying the same thing-- "Everyone likes Angelina - but I like Jennifer."

Bad Habit:


Tunnel vision.  Chris has the tendency to get really focused on one thing
and forget about everything else around him.
 It's not as bad as it was, so no complaints here.

He's also a really loud breather but I can't find a good picture for that.

Anyways, that's all folks.  I'm off to lunch now.  Have a great day :)


Lynette said...

Loud breather - haha. That's a picture challenge.

I like Angelina and Jen. Both for different reasons. I guess if you're Brad you can have it all.

Mayra said...

FYI, you're not his girlfriend anymore.... :)

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