January 1, 2010

Hello Twenty Ten

Last night we rang in the new year with our good friends Allison and Matt at Matt's parents' house in Pasadena.  It was a themed party (Dons and Divas of the Golden Age of Hollywood) so I was Audrey -- Hepburn that is, and Allison was Liz Taylor.  Chris and Matt were dressed as Chris and Matt.  Go figure.

Liz and Audrey:

We had a fabulous time and it was nice ringing in the new year with good friends.  Thanks for inviting us Alli!

How was your New Year's?


Mayra said...

You gals look fabulous!

allison said...

interesting, ting - as i believe that's the photo i specifically asked chris to delete on sight. thanks.

Ting said...

ok here's another photo ... better?

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