January 27, 2010

Chris is feeling a bit poopy today so I thought this picture would cheer him up.  I also offered to take him to see a movie tonight --- any one he wanted and you know which one he chooses?  The one with The Rock where he's a tooth fairy.  sigh.      

On another note The Interview is done.  I'm glad because I was a ball of nerves and stress yesterday. If I'm really lucky I'll be asked to submit a writing sample before the final decision.  If not ... then -- well I guess I'll just continue on with the job hunt.

And another thing ... Ivy had her wisdom teeth pulled today.  Her face looks really fat and swollen.  I won't post a picture because that would be mean ... and well she would murder me.  But she's pretty coherent and she inhaled her chocolate ice cream in record time so I think she's good to go.  


Mayra said...

I love the Rock! I secretly want to see that movie, but will wait for it on Netflix. How was it?

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