January 25, 2010

My Sunday

10:00 AM -- Chris and I unwillingly drag ourselves out of bed.

11:00 AM -- Head to Stater Brothers market to drop off 4 weeks worth of beer bottles, wine bottles and Coke Zero cans for recycling.  (You get a dime for every wine bottle!)

11:10 AM -- Find out that recycling is closed on Sundays AND Mondays.  Bummer.  Return home with plastic bags of stinky recycling.

11:15 AM -- Convince Chris that he needs a haircut and advise him that yours truly will do it FOR FREE (ha!).  It's an offer he can't refuse.  We setup shop in the backyard and the cutting begins.

11:30 AM -- Realize that cutting hair is really hard and kinda itchy.

11:45 AM -- Convince Chris that haircut isn't that bad but really thinking that tomorrow we're gonna have to goto Super Cuts to fix this mess.

12:00 PM -- Huang Family along with Obette participate in hot pot lunch in family dining room.

2:00 PM -- Food coma.  Chris is on the couch nearly passed out.

3:00 PM -- Persuade Chris to take me for a walk in the neighborhood.

3:30 PM -- Stop at Redbox to pick up Julie/Julia Project.

And for the rest of the night we watched movies.  

5: 00 PM -- J u l i e  a n d  J u l i a.

Man, what a fantastic movie!  I loved loved it.  And Mayra's right - it is very inspiring -- and in so many fabulous ways.  It made me realize that I am not the only 29 year old going through a mini-personal career crisis.  (Even though technically, I don't really have a "career" since I still don't have a job, but you know, minor point.)  And I love to eat and I love to cook and it really made me miss my Joy of Cooking book.  AND AND the movie is about blogging!  I just happen to love blogging and how it can give you some sense of purpose (however minor it is) and it's just fun to do.  And I thought about going to Le Cordon Bleu so many times TOO -- especially Summer of 2008 when I couldn't find an internship for the life of me and my mom told me just to do what I wanted to do but then I found out that LCB is pretty friggin' expensive (and a very long program) so I put it on the back burner yet again.  Here's my favorite scene from the movie.  I've had meltdowns like this many a times (especially in the last 6 months) but you know without the whole reporter calling you to write about you in the newspaper ending ...  my endings were more like me crying myself to sleep but whatever.

Anyways, good movie.

9:00 PM -- P r e g n a n c y   P a c t   

Sigh .. only Lifetime.  Bunch of high school girls in Gloucester, MA (we used to live right near there!) make a pact to get pregnant at the same time.  This one was disturbing but really good in that Lifetime movie kind of way.    

In between I also saw an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians and Rob (the brother) was trying to get a job because Bruce Jenner was getting on him for being 22 years old and still living at home.  So Rob calls up Kourtney and tells her that he wants a job and then Kourtney calls up her "contacts" and then next thing ya know Rob's interviewing at all these different companies and then he gets an offer just like that.  Just. Like. That. It was like one day or something ridiculous like that.  Sigh.

Good movies
Good weekend
How was yours???   


grace said...

does this mean i can delete pregnancy pact off my dvr? and i just saw rob kardashian at my dermatologists...

Coastal Suzz said...

wow, sounds like an awesome weekend!!! except for the whole recycling center, that's no fun :)

I made this yesterday and didn't like it but it's amazing today: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ina-garten/parkers-split-pea-soup-recipe/index.html. Would suggest adding ham and cooking the peas in the beginning.

Enjoy your culinary adventures!!

mini said...

I saw Whip It ...directed by Drew Barrymore. Kinda annoying that she makes so many cameo appearances but pretty good overall!

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