January 29, 2010

Ramen Adventures Part Deux

question:  why do ramen noodles taste so good?  

answer: because they are cooked in a broth of fatty pork stomachs.

Last night we went to Daikokuya.  It was delicious as always.  I think the Little Tokyo location gives you more noodles than the Hacienda Heights one.  After noodles we had Pinkberry.  Now you can get all the toppings you want for one price.  Grace took advantage of this and put a motherload of toppings on hers.  Alli always puts Captain Crunch.  Wonder if that's good?  I'll try it next time.  

Signing out.

Yours Truly,
T (not to be mistaken for Suzzy's T)


grace said...

hey... weird... are you deleting my comments? anyway, i'll try again: ramen was delicious, soup base was the best! better than our first ramen try. and miss T put just as many toppings on her yogurt as i did!

grace said...

and you can count the # of toppings in the pics... mine is on the top left, ting's is in the middle. ;)

Coastal Suzz said...

MMMMmmm, I love me some ramen, this looks so good! Wish we could get some when I'm in cali!!! Look forward to seeing you in a few short days!

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