January 28, 2010

Some(random)thoughts(of mine):

R e d  B o x
I am REALLY liking the Red Box right now.  It has brought much happiness to my otherwise bland and uneventful days.   I used to have Netflix a long (very long) time ago .. you know back when it used to be $15 for 5 DVDs (it really was!) and then I switched over to Blockbuster because they had this awesome deal where you could switch your mailed DVDs for real ones at the store AND they gave you free game rental coupons too.  But then sadly, we started grad school and became very poor very quickly.  So poor in fact that we downgraded to basic cable (a measly 7 channels!) -- talk about sacrifices.  So yes that fancy schmancy Blockbuster thing had to go too.

But then in my second year of grad school I started up Netflix again (yay!) but only because I was taking this Literature and Ethics class (I know... kinda weird for b-school but an awesome class nonetheless) and we had to watch movies every week and I just didn't have the stamina to sit in a cold classroom once a week at 7 PM to watch the movie (and eat Cheetos or whatever else from the vending machine for dinner) and there was no way I was gonna take public transpo in the snow to find the DVD at some rental store ...  so yes up started the Netflix but then very quickly got cancelled right when the class ended.

ANYWAYS -- focus Ting focus -- I'm really liking the Red Box right now because ... drumroll please ... It is only one dollar.  One dollar for ANY movie you want.  Isn't that just amazing?  You see - Netflix at a whopping $20 per ONE month is a rather HUGE commitment for us unemployed folk.  I mean I can't even bring myself to buy socks right now much less fork over a credit card commitment to Netflix.  So yeah, a movie for a dollar is a fantastic deal in my book.  And it's so easy to use!  Just pick your movie, pay a dollar and the movie pops right on out.  You can even reserve the movie you want from home and pick it up later.  Ingenious this Red Box thing.   

The funniest commercial. Ever.  

I saw this last night during American Idol. Hilarious.

Ramen Adventures continue...
Tonight Grace and I (and possibly Alli if she can make it) will try out another noodle house: Daikokuya in Japantown. I've been a few times but it'll be Grace's (and Alli's I think) first time. I'm excited. Hopefully she isn't wearing her glasses.


Lynette said...

i'll have to try redbox when i get back. right now my netflix account is suspended.

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