January 22, 2010

Week of January 18

I was gonna do highlights for the week but couldn't think of any. So here are the lowlights instead:

3) Poncho is being a pain in the arse -- Apparently he's not getting enough attention so he's having anxiety issues of some sort.  He just stares and whines.  You kinda have to listen carefully but the whining is definitely there.

2) The Rain. It has not stopped raining since Monday. And let me tell ya, LA is a NIGHTMARE when it rains. Between the traffic and the street flooding and the fact that no one in my family owns a decent umbrella, this week has been pretty miserable. I'm beginning to think that the crappy weather is following me.

1) My Cold. Aforementioned rain has also brought cold weather --- cold for LA that is. It was 40 degrees this morning when I woke up. That's pretty dang cold for LA. Anyways, remember that gawdawful interview? Well it was raining that day too and I was running in and out of buildings in a skirt suit and I was really cold and really stressed out because you know -- I had the worst interview of my life and all -- and so yes, I caught a cold.

Looking forward to a cozy night in -- leftover Costco pizza, bottle of wine and a Redbox movie.


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