January 12, 2010

Long car rides, good friends and Mazel Tov's.

This weekend Chris and I made our way up north to San Francisco in our rental -- the smallest car known to man kind also known as a Kia Rio.  Thank you Enterprise for such a fabulous car - I really appreciate it.  It took 7 hours to get there but it was worth it.  I forgot how much I miss this city.  Later that night, we met Mayra and Geoffrey for happy hour and dinner at La Mer.  The food was mostly raw (but delicious) and Geoffrey and Chris even ate a habanero pepper for fun.  I have no idea why.  Geoffrey says if you rub the pepper on your forehead it'll make your head burn.  Don't ask how he knows that.

Later that night, Mayra forced me to watch Paranormal Activity-- the scariest movie on earth -- and told me it was based on a true story.  I haven't slept a sound night since.  Thanks Mayra :P

The next day we headed to Foster City for Jacob's Bar Mitzvah.

This was the first I've been to and all I can say is: Oh. My. God.  It was "F.E." as Cindy would say.  The theme for the party was "Outta this world" so everything was decorated all space-y and Star Trek-y.  Very VERY cool if you ask me.  I told Chris we should have a space theme for our wedding.  How awesome would that be.

The food, the cake, the music -- EVERYTHING was amazing.  We had such a great time Cindy!  I wish I had Jewish friends growing up.  Mazel Tov Jacob!

On Sunday, we had a lazy evening with Mayra and Geoffrey over Banangrams, lasagna and wine.  We also watched Inglorious Bastards and listened to Geoffrey complain about the super long scenes.   I'm not sure I liked the movie but I did like Brad Pitt's character.

On Monday I had an interview and then we slowly made our way back down to LA.  

It was a good weekend.  


Mayra said...

Hmmm, never said it was based on a true story. I think those words came out of Ting's mouth:) But it does make it scarier, huh? I can't believe how freaked out I was, even though I had already seen it. Good movie to get the heart pumping.

Cindy said...

Thanks for schlepping to Jacob's Bar Mitzvah, it was so awesome that you and Chris were there. Glad you had an awesome time. Hope your interview went well so you can come back here where you belong : )

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