February 4, 2010

Chinese people are too funny

My parents received a gift today.  An engagement gift ... and no it wasn't for me and Chris.  It was from the parents of the couple that got engaged.  You see in Chinese culture if you get engaged, you're supposed to buy gifts and give them to your friends and family.  Not the other way around.  Interesting huh?  I'm learning that a lot things are turned around here in the US.  For example, let's say I was in Taiwan and met a nice Taiwanese boy that wanted to marry me.  Did you know that he would be the one responsible for paying for the wedding?  I know -- pretty darn nice eh? But here in America, as you know, it's the bride's responsibility.  

Why does it seem like all of life's burdens fall on women? I mean why not make the bride pay?  We already have to deal with menstrual cycles and income inequality in the workplace and having to grow another human being inside our bellies and expelling it out 9 months later (with the potential of losing the ability to do jumping jacks without peeing during this whole baby process) -- why not just add "pay for wedding" to the list.  Sigh.  But since Chris and I are paying for our own wedding, I guess this doesn't really pertain to us but still that's my two cents.  

Anyways what was I saying... oh yeah ...  parents ... gift.  Here it is:

What is it you ask?  Burberry perfume?  A jewelry box?  

Kinda sorta both.  It's a fake Burberry print jewelry box loaded with none other than COOKIES.  And cakes.  But mostly cookies.  Very good cookies might I add.  Anyways, the cookies are from Taiwan and just like most things from Asia, they have really funny English names.  For example:

Starting from top left and going clockwise:

1) Cat's Tongue - Which actually is a good description because it does look like a tongue.
2) Delicious Maker - Perhaps named after the person that made the cookie?  
3) Particular Cake - Haha!  Just funny.  
4) Sour Cherry Contained - Haven't tried this yet but I'm assuming cherries are involved.  


Cindy said...

do you think they have a real cat's tongue inside the cookie? yeah being a woman is really awesome , just wait until you reach 35 and you have to add mammogram to the list...

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