February 5, 2010


(MSTAG through the years. Well after digital cameras came out. 
The ones before 2004 are in my photo albums)

Tonight I'm meeting the girls for dinner.  

M: Mayra   S: Suzzy   T: Ting   A: Alli   G: Grace

We came up with this silly acronym years ago.  We entered a Heineken beer drinking contest and needed a group name so we decided on MSTAG (pronounced: [em-stag]) and it just kinda stuck over the years.  

I met Grace and Allison in the dorms my freshman year.  They were roommates and lived right next door to me. Allison was known as the puzzle girl because she single handedly finished the 7th floor puzzle in our dormitory.  It was supposed to be a group project Alli :P  She used to wake me up from naps by reading the Bible to me.  Only a true friend would do that (wake me up from naps that is, not reading the bible).  I first talked to Grace in our Calculus AB class.  She thought I was a hoochie mama but after realizing we had the same Piyo Piyo pencil  box we knew we had to be friends.  

I met Mayra during my internship at Embark where we were both "Quality Assurance Interns."  A very important job you know.  I don't really remember how we became such good friends because it seems like it was almost instantaneous.  But I do remember her offering me an extra slice of cold pizza she had brought in for lunch one day.  It was sweet.  

I met Suzzy through Mayra.  I heard that she made great won tons.  Mayra brought me over to Suzzy's apartment in Berkeley one evening and we just started talking.  We were both getting through bad breakups so you know we had a lot to talk about.  Ah Suzzy ... she's one of kind.

And then somehow we all just merged into our little MSTAG group. And were inseparable and spent our twenties traveling the country together.  And then sadly, one by one, we parted ways and started to move because of jobs and school and boyfriends and well ... life.  BUT we keep in touch and manage to see each other at least a few times a year.  And guess what .... tonight is one of those nights :)  I'm very excited...


grace said...

aww that's sweet. i did think you were a hoochie mama b/c you'd wear tank tops in 40 degree berkeley weather to math discussion. but then, after i got to know you, i realized you had a sweating problem. =P looking forward to mama d's tonight... it's soooo good.

p.s. did you have to post the world's ugliest pictures of me? or was i just ugly then.

Mayra said...

Awww, cute! The small things that leave impressions! I think what sparked our friendship was either 1) our award winning "Conscience" Halloween costume or 2) car pooling to work and moving (or not moving) the cars every 2 hours:)

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