February 3, 2010

Oh the joy

Tonight I had Yogurtland for the very first time.  I didn't want to try it because I really like Pinkberry and I didn't want to be disappointed if it was too sweet and creamy like Red Mango's because when I first tried Red Mango in NYC I was kinda bummed out but Suzzy liked it so all wasn't lost.  Anyhow, I really didn't want to go to Yogurtland but I thought what the heck - it's just yogurt.  

Ok so for those of you who haven't tried Yogurtland.  It's just like all the other froyo places except you get to do it yourself.  It's basically a Hometown Buffet of frozen yogurts -- except way fancier.  

So ... first off, Yogurtland has like twenty flavors.  Chris asks the guy behind the counter for sample cups and he only gives him four and if you know Chris -- you know that that's not gonna be enough.   And so he goes back and asks for more cups but it still isn't enough so he just starts reusing the same cup (very unsanitary) until he's tried like every single flavor.  I heard him yell out, "Oooh the taro is good!" and "Oh! I like the peanut butter and coconut too..." After like fifteen minutes of trying and retrying flavors and finally deciding, I look into his cup and he has chocolate and vanilla.  Typical. 

Then it's off to toppings.  There's a lot to choose from and Chris, I can tell, is a little overwhelmed.  He starts off in the candy section and starts piling on sour gummy worms and brownie bites and chocolate chip cookie dough pieces and god knows what else.  And then I motion him towards the healthy fresh fruit section and he puts two blackberries on top.  Two.  And then there's this area where you can pour on chocolate or strawberry or condensed milk and he's deliberating ....  he's really thinking hard.  But then he back tracks to the candy section and he's looking at the gummy bears ... and this continues for like, I swear, 10 more minutes.  My froyo by the way is already starting to melt but being the loving girlfriend that I am, I patiently wait until he's all done.  

With all the froyo and toppings, our total came out to $7.80.  Amazing!  It's so much cheaper than Pinkberry and it tastes just as good AND you get to watch your fiance have the time of his life.  :)



Christopher Gaudet said...

hmmmm...."patiently" isn't quite the word that I would use. I thought it was your body heat warming up the yogurt....your face looked red and flustered.

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