February 10, 2010

Pretty cool stuff

I went to high school with Jane.  She was best friends with my best friend Helen.  I remember Jane was really cute and funny (and kind of a bully but that's okay because I am too so I won't hold it against her.)  Anyhow, we haven't seen each other in years but recently ran into one another at Helen's wedding in Santa Barbara (we were both bridesmaids) and guess what .. I found out that she's a fashion designer.  And here's her new website.

It's amazing what people do with their lives isn't it?  It's like you meet someone when you're 14 and then fast forward 15 years and ta-da .. they're a fashion designer.  A fashion designer!  I know.  How cool is that.  It's makes you think a little ... about life and how important it is to make the most out of it.  How important it is that you do what you love and how important it is that you do it now -- because you know, we're not getting any younger.  I guess all of that kind of sounds idealistic because things always get in the way ... things like bills and boys and student loans and well, all kinds of life stuff.  But every once in awhile when you hear a story like Jane's, you get inspired and it makes you think that maybe anything is possible.


Lynette said...

i like how you said "ran into".

i started thinking 'oh cool! how random is that!' and then read at a wedding where you were both bridesmaids.

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