February 1, 2010

Cookies and hats

So on Saturday the fortune cookie gods 
bestowed on me this message:

It just sounds important right?  Like the higher powers are letting me in on some kind of secret that I should know about.  It just has to mean something -- I mean Chris' fortune said something corny like "Whatever you put your heart into you will succeed at."  Cheese.  Everyone gets that fortune.  But mine was special. So I started thinking ... up and down, side to side ... hmmm ... so it's telling me to be more flexible, right??  Flexible in my career endeavors ... should I go back to insurance?  Maybe marketing in insurance? I shudder at the thought.  Or maybe it's telling me to look for something that's around me.  Something right underneath my nose?  Or maybe I'm supposed to be flexible in other areas of my life?  Then I started to get kinda frustrated because -- well if it's supposed to be some kind of monumental message from the gods you'd think they'd make it a little bit more clear ... I mean come on really?  This fortune could mean ANYTHING.  

So yeah, what do you think it means?  
What Do You Think?

And don't tell me it's just a stupid fortune cookie because I will not accept that as an answer.  

On another note, I was at the outlet mall with my parents yesterday and Chris and I were walking around and I said to him, "You know what?  I should have bought that really cute Red Sox cap I saw at Nordy's a few months ago."  You see, I saw the CUTEST cap in Massachusetts and I really wanted it but it was like 30 bucks and we were supposed to be Christmas shopping for other people so I didn't get it but then a few months later I started thinking about it again and I googled around to see if I could find it anywhere and I couldn't so I was really bummed out.  Anyhow, we were walking around the outlet mall yesterday and I started thinking about my cap and then Chris said, "Why don't we go in the store and see if they have it."  And I was like, "No way, they're not gonna have it because it's a special hat and this store looks lame."  But we walked in and there it was.  My cap.  It was fate.  And it was buy one get one 1/2 off so we bought one for Chris too.  

Here we are in our cool new hats:


Christopher Gaudet said...

Like the hat! You definitely look better in it than I do :)

Mayra said...

I think "the gods" are telling you to be open minded about a decision you can't make. Is there a decision you have been putting off? Can't wait to see you guys this week! What are you doing Friday during the day??

Coastal Suzz said...

Um, perhaps it's asking you to get your groove on...that's what I think of when moving side to side. hehe. Hindsight is always 20/20 and it's so hard to know how or why something should have been done till after the fact. Is it possible for you to take two stances on 3 items that have been on your mind and explore each? Maybe that will help solidify your process and hopefully answer your question on the way???

Lynette said...

Tell Chris to put his heart into decifering your fortune, he will succeed at finding an answer.

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