February 8, 2010

To-go containers, Red Bean and Banagrams.

Well I had the most fabulous weekend.  On Friday,  I met Alli, Grace, Suzzy and Mayra at Mama D's for dinner.  I ordered the meat ravioli with their famous pink sauce.  And oh my was the pink sauce good -- the raviolis not so much, but next time I'll get the cheese stuffed ones -- Alli's were mighty tasty (she slipped me one of hers - such a sweetheart she is).  Anyways, get this, I had two raviolis leftover so I asked for a to-go box.  Matt and Terry also asked for to-go boxes and this is what they gave us:

Can you guess which one is mine?  Ha!  
Isn't that the funniest most racist thing you've ever seen?  
Explain yourself out of that one Mama D's.  

And then on Saturday we went to Din Tai Fung for dumplings.  It's only the best dumpling place ever and apparently everyone else in the free world thinks so too because we waited over an hour for a table.  Ugh.  But it was worth it.  We over dumpling-ed ourselves (yet again) but felt much better after a round of bowling at Gina's next door.  Geoffrey insists that you pronounce it [jahy-nuhs] like in the last syllable of "vagina."  tee hee.  

And finally on Sunday, Chris and I invited Eileen, Jenn and Andy over to celebrate the Super Bowl.  We BBQ-ed and ate and I really tried to watch the game (I really did!) but halfway through, I convinced Jenn and Eileen to play Banagrams with me instead.  Much more fun. 

How was your Super Bowl Weekend??


Mayra said...

It's funny that it [the racial stereotyping] always happens to you... :) Was so great to see all of us together in one spot again! When's GNO 2010???

Cindy said...

Hey Ting, we went to Kathy and Neil's in Mountain View and had home made chili and nathans hot dogs on the Q and corn bread and brownies(also homemade by Kathy) and basically ate and ate all day. The game was fun, but I could have gotten into playing word games too if someone had a Bananagram ... funny I just saw that on display at Barnes and Noble this weekend!

Lynette said...

you're giving me so many food ideas for when i get back.

i still need to check out the commercials. my internet is so slow lately so i guess i'll just wait.

Coastal Suzz said...

the chinese takeout box, that was pretty classy and classic! agree with may, somehow those kinds of things always happen to you :) Maybe because they know you'd take offense? God's testing your patience ;p It was great seeing you too and thx for putting the really nice summary together. Did you photoshop that top picture? We all look perfectly sunkissed!

grace said...

i had the taro steamed boas last night at DTF and i think they might be better than the red bean ones!! delicious!

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