February 25, 2010

Wednesday Evening

It takes me about an hour and fifteen minutes to get to work and an hour fifteen to get home.  It's only about 40 miles one way -- isn't it funny how I use the word only.  What I mean to say is that the distance isn't that bad, it's just the stupid annoying traffic.  I've been taking different routes each day, usually a mixture of any number of freeways (yesterday it was 5) and local roads.  Anyways, the fact of the matter is: It's a L.O.N.G. commute.  

Case in point: I got home at 8:11 PM tonight after stopping at almost every single red light on Slauson Avenue the entire way to the I710 (I decided to try local roads tonight).  Anyhow, I'm compiling info right now to put in my nifty spreadsheet to track routes and times and hopefully in a week or two I'll have figured out the fastest way home so that I can stop complaining about it on my blog. 

On a more positive note, when I got home tonight, I found out that Ivy had brought Poncho home (yay!). He spends most of his time in Palm Springs (as does Ivy) with Ivy's boyfriend Obette so it was a pleasant surprise.  

So now I'd like to share with you the talents of Poncho.
Prepare yourself.  

"Poncho SIT"

"Poncho LAY DOWN"

Poncho "ROLL OVER"

Okay, now ROLL OVER the other way

See?  Such a good puppy he is.  
Okay now here's something really really impressive.  
Make hand gesture for a fake gun like so:

Now say in a firm tone, "Poncho BANG"

And he literally just drops to the ground.  Just like that. 
 I know exactly what you're thinking ... 
You're thinking, "Man that Poncho is SOOO smart."  
I know, I share your sentiment.  

"Poncho good boy." Here's your treat

And tomorrow is Thursday. 
 Our marketing group is going to clean the beach in the afternoon 
and then head out to happy hour. 
 It should be fun.
Have a happy Thursday :)


Mayra said...

Poncho is such a cutie! Hope you are surviving the commute. I'd recommend some books on tape (CD?) or even a language learning program for the drive.

Coastal Suzz said...

So cute!! I love ponchos face - he looks like he's saying 'huh'? haha! Welcome back to the world of the worker bees :)

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