February 13, 2010

Year of the Tiger

Today is Chinese New Year's Eve and we accomplished a lot.  We cleaned the entire house (to sweep away any bad luck), re-arranged furniture and made sure everything is ready for the New Year.  We also prayed because we're Buddhist and asked for good health, happiness and good fortune.  (I also put in an additional request that Chris find a job soon.)  And finally, we ate a lot of food.  In Chinese culture, on the eve of the New Year, you're supposed to cook enough food for a feast and eat it together as a family.  And this is exactly what we did. 

Poncho was mad at us for not letting him near the table to beg for food so this is what he looked like the entire time we were eating.

Afterwards, my parents gave all of us red envelopes for good luck (they're stuffed with money) and you're supposed to say, Gong Shi Fah Tsai which means "Wishing you good fortune" in the year to come.  My red envelope money will go directly to the federal government since I owe them quite a bit for my MBA.  Maybe Chris will take me out for Valentine's Day with his red envelope money?? ....  Probably not.  I think we're gonna do something low key tomorrow night.  Maybe pizza and a Red Box movie?  I'm thinking Zomebieland.  I heard it was good.  

ANYways ... 
Wishing you all a
Happy Valentine's Day
Chinese New Year
President's Day Weekend.


UrbanDoggs said...

BTW- I am born in the year of the Tiger. Lavanson also

Mayra said...

Happy Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day and Fat Tuesday!

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