March 7, 2010

Christopher's 31st Birthday

Christopher rang in his 31st year with not one,

And not two ...

But THREE birthday cakes.  

It was quite a feat.  And he handled it admirably. 
Here's what this cake looks like sliced up.  It was AMAZING.  
I'm tellin' ya ... Chinese bakeries make the best cakes ever.  

On Saturday we spent the evening with beer and friends. 
(And Alli and Matt taught us how to play El Grande.  Such a good game.)

And Sunday we celebrated over prime rib at Lawry's.

Happy Birthday babe!  You're still 30 in my eyes :)  
I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Love you.  


grace said...

super sweet blog. who wrote it?? ;)

Mayra said...

Happy birthday to Chris!! Looks like he spent it well:)

Lynette said...

i want your prime rib dinner

Christopher Gaudet said...

It was an amazing birthday and yes, I spent it very well! I'm still drooling over that prime rib dinner! Thanks babe for a great b'day!

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