March 14, 2010

A day in the life of someone rich.

This weekend Chris and I did something bad.  I hope you don't think we're horrible people.  I mean, we normally don't behave like this.  Actually, we never behave like this.  Okay okay so maybe I do sometimes, but Chris - definitely not.  This is very out of the ordinary for him and it worries me a bit because I really hope I'm not rubbing off on him.  Anyways, let's get to the story.   

I'll start from the beginning.  My parents and Chris and I went to dim sum for lunch and then we were all supposed to go to the Citadel Outlet to walk around but then my mom changed her mind and said she had some errands to run so she told me and Chris to go off and do something on our own.  So we hadn't really planned anything and we didn't have the GPS on us but we started thinking .. let's go to the beach or something and walk around and then I said, Oh I'll take you near my work in Marina del Ray and show you the area and there's a beach nearby that we can go and check out.  So we drove all the way to the water and after showing him where I worked we passed by this area of really nice super duper fancy condos and apartments (but mostly condos).  And when I say fancy, I mean FANCY - like psychotic luxury with an ocean view 5 star kinda fancy.  So we're driving around and checking out all the nice cars and homes and we see this sign that says, "Now Leasing."  And Chris looks at me and I look at him and our eyes are communicating to each other, saying something like, "Why not ... I mean we can just look can't we?"  

So we walk into the leasing office and we tell the lady that we're looking for a one bedroom, possibly two, and want to know if there are any availabilities.  She says yes and asks, "When are you looking to move?"  I sheepishly respond, "Oh well we're flexible in our time frame but we were thinking early to mid-May." (The first of many big fat lies to come.)  And then she asks us what our budget is and I respond, "Well we're open to options but we are hoping to stay around $3500/month."  (ANOTHER COMPLETE LIE)  So she starts showing us 1 bedrooms and then out of nowhere Chris gets in on the lying.  He says stuff like, "Well this 1 bed is just too small.  I'll need a separate space for my office ..." --that sort of thing.  And then all of sudden we're looking at two bedrooms and we need an ocean view and we need double sinks in the bathroom and we'd like a walk-in closet in the second bedroom as well as the master and we just have to have a balcony.  I mean, out of nowhere this tiny little lie spins itself into a whole web of crazy stories and we leave feeling like we're actually going to move into this place!  

It was like an hour in the twilight zone.  Like I had no idea how it happened or where it began - it just came to be.  And as we pulled away and headed toward the beach, feeling a bit light-headed and dizzy like we had just landed back on planet earth, we looked at each other and chuckled and then sighed - a bit from relief and a bit also from sadness.  Chris gave me a hug and said, "One day ... you just wait and see ... one day it'll be for real and we won't have to pretend."  And that made me smile because I know that Chris always keeps his word.  Always.  Now we just need to find a him a job :P


Christopher Gaudet said...

I think the true luxury was the fact that Ting could have literally walked to work... no more of her 1.5 hr commute!

Cindy said...

My favorite part is at the end when Chris hugs you and promises to one day give you a dream condo/home. I actually have a tear in my eye as I read this from my tiny cube.

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