March 11, 2010

It's a book that you read with your ears! Ingenious.

I discovered something amazing.  It is called an audiobook.  Yes, you heard me right.  I just realized their importance in this world this very week.  I never really understood the concept and to be honest with you I always thought that people that bought these so called "books" were just lazy and didn't like to read and in a way it's cheating because well, that's the whole point of a book -- you're supposed to read it (!) and not hear it.  But low and behold --- revelation --- audiobooks aren't just for lazy people!!  They are also for people who spend two and a half friggin' hours in traffic everyday and are tired of listening to the radio, their iPod, and XM satellite.  

So yes, I am in love with audiobooks right now.  I went straight to the library and checked out two - Mitch Albom's Five People You Meet in Heaven (so far cheesy) and a David Baldacci action thriller - and put three more on hold --- The Lightning Thief, Harry Potter Book 5 (yes still trudgin' through the series but determined to finish it) and The Alchemist (been meaning to read this every since Suzz recommended it - though I'm not sure I share her taste in books because she didn't like Twilight -- I KNOW - Blasphemous.)  

Anyways, so now that I'm "reading" (and yes I'm putting it in quotes because I still don't consider it real reading) during my commute I don't feel as bad about wasting away twelve and half hours a week - my god that's a lot of time.   


Christopher Gaudet said...

so is that why i don't get any phone calls now when you're on the road ...happy to see that you are able to keep sane in the LA traffic.

Lynette said...

i did audio books in college a few times because i didn't have television. it mixed it up a bit and my roommate (bonnie) and i really enjoyed them together.

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