March 21, 2010

Sooooo....... what do you think of the new background and banner????  Do you love it or do you love it??? (as Chris' mom would say).  I know it's kinda basic and a bit bland but this super duper simple re-do took me 4 friggin' hours to do!!  I know, I'm SLOW.  I wanted to get one of those uber fancy professionals to do it for me but it costs like a hundred dollars (I now know why) and well I just didn't feel like spending that kind of money.  So --- using the ever popular Gu-ghoul, Yootoob and Powerpoint, I made mine for free :)

It definitely needs some work and I'm hoping Jenny can give me some pointers 'cause she's a pro now at Photoshop and HTML AND she just so happens to be coming back to Cali in the next few weeks (yay!).  I also need to find a free Photoshop-like program so that I don't have to keep re-sizing the images.  I'm still not sure my new look is displaying correctly on other sized monitor sizes (leave me a comment if it doesn't) ... I'll have to check tomorrow on my work computer.

ANYways, on to more interesting things.  Friday night, Mayra and Geoffrey graced us with a weekend visit and so Alli and Matt invited us all over for dinner and board games.  We played El Grande -- one of my new favorite games (it's all about soldiers and men and dominating your kingdom):

And of course we had to play Banagrams!  We tried a couple different variations with Alli only being able to use one hand or with no glasses (cause she always always wins) BUT Mayra and Chris managed to beat Alli fair and square in a few rounds :)  I didn't win once.  And I came in last in El Grande.  Blah.

Oh and Grace and Chris had some fun spelling out funny words:  

We had a fabulous time as always.  Until next time May and Geo!  

And the rest of the weekend was spent with family. And now it's Sunday evening --- already.  Sigh.
OH and next weekend Ivy and Obette are taking us camping! I think it's gonna be a first for all of us except Obette.  It should be interesting.  I'll take pics of course.  Signing out ...

Your truly,
Master Blogger Background and Banner Maker.  


Mayra said...

Super fun, can't wait for another LA game night! Cute new look! The flowers seem to frame the blog, is that what you were going for?

Christopher Gaudet said...

Very nice new blog layout!! You are now officially a professional.

grace said...

the new banner is very pretty! i rike, i rike.


tits mcgee

grace said...

oh, but i can't see the background. it still shows up as white for me??

UrbanDoggs said...

Good job on the new border!

Coastal Suzz said...

looks like a fun weekend in lalaland!!

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