March 23, 2010

Spin Spin Spin

(Our trip to Miami in 2008.  Wish I were there right now)

So a few years ago I got this thing that we call the dizzy disease and I say "we" because Cindy's sister, Sherry, actually came up with this term and I stole it from her because it's so much more descriptive than the real term: benign positional vertigo.  A mouthful.  What's the dizzy disease you ask?  Well lemme tell you.  Or actually, let me show you.  Okay, stand up and close your eyes.  Now start spinning in circles and do this for about 30 seconds, give or take.  Then stop spinning and open your eyes.  This is vertigo.  And this is what I would feel every single time I tilted my head a certain way.  It's different for different people but for me, it was whenever I was lying down and turned my head to the right.  The room would just spin and spin for about ten seconds and sometimes my balance would be so thrown off that I'd actually fall down.  It was actually kinda funny and Chris would laugh at me.  AND on top of all of that, the spinning would make me feel so dizzy that I'd get nauseous and throw up.  I felt this way for about 2 weeks and then all of a sudden it just went away... well actually I had some acupuncture done so that might have helped it but it pretty much went away and never came back.  Or so I thought. 

Today at work, while building my pivot table, I felt a little bit of the dizzy disease.  But only for a few seconds and then it went away.  And I'm thinking that perhaps I just imagined it or maybe it was because I was scrolling through massive amounts of data on my spreadsheet cause that could make anyone feel dizzy.  But either way, I'm hoping that it was just a momentary relapse and that it'll never come back again. 

Oh and I am soooooo tired right now.  I got home at 9:05 PM, ate my ramen, took a shower and now I'm watching 16 and Pregnant.  I'm sooooo tired and I sooooo wanna go to sleep, but I can't because I have to watch this show.


Cindy said...

Ting, oh no, the dizzy disease...I have been in life insurance class this week(including Saturday) 52 miserable hours, so I have been experiencing nausea and dizziness for a different reason, ha ha You should watch that show with Giuliana Rancic on Style network, they can't conceive and they are contemplating ivf, I guess the opposite of your show 16 and pregnant.

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