March 4, 2010

Stop your talkin' and get a walkin'

So tonight I got home earlier than usual and when I pulled into the driveway I saw Ivy's car and got a teeny bit excited because when Ivy's home that means two possible things:  One, Poncho might be at the door to greet me and Two, we're probably going to have something yummy for dinner.  Because you see, when it's just me and Chris (my parents work late) we usually eat leftovers or cook up some frozen dumplings or do something else really boring like that.  BUT -- when Ivy's here, a whole new world of options presents itself.  Let me elaborate --  Ivy and I are both food fanatics.  We like to talk about food, we like to eat food and when we're together it gives us an excuse to eat something tasty (and oftentimes not very healthy either).   So our greeting to each other tonight was this question, "So .... Did you eat dinner yet?  .... Good, whadoyou wanna eat then?"

It just so happens that my parents live within a 3 mile radius of every single chain restaurant and fast food joint known to mankind.  So we started circulating ideas like In N' Out and Soup Plantation and Costco pizza and things of that sort and we just could not for the life of us come to a decision.  So, I suggested a mathematical process to help us out.  We each would give our top three choices and give them an assigned weight -- 3 points for choice one, 2 points for choice two and 1 point for choice three.   We included Chris in on this as well even though Chris could care less what he eats.  His only requirement is that its edible.  You think I'm kidding but I'm dead serious.  

Meanwhile, Chris is in the bedroom putting together our new bed frame because our hard as a rock Chinese mattress was just delivered today.  (He was complaining about back pains a few weeks ago and so my parents insisted that we buy a "real" mattress and not one of those soft flimsy American ones so we ordered a Chinese branded mattress aka plank of wood wrapped in cotton from one of those furniture stores in Monterey Park.)  Anyways, with my mathematical dinner problem solver in hand we each gave our top three choices:

1) Little Caesar's
2) Subway
3) In N Out

1) Subway
2) Soup Plantation
3) Little Caesar's

1) In N Out
2) Soup Plantation
3) Little Caesar's

Yes I know exactly what you're thinking.  Why on earth is Little Caesar's even on this list?  Well -- it just so happens that there are not one but two Little Caesar's right near our house (hence less driving) AND their large pepperoni pizzas are only $5 AND they have the tastiest yummiest crazy bread ever.  So, the tally was:

Subway 5 points
tied with
Little Caesars 5 points
with Soup Plantation and In N Out coming in a close second with 4 points. 

So I made the executive decision and chose Subway.  I mean, if I'm gonna use up a massive amount of calories, there's no way I'm gonna waste them on Little Caesars ... for In N Out yes, but Little Caesars?? No.  And plus, Subway's cheap, easy and relatively healthy (Ivy's back on her diet).  

Funny thing is after all that discussing and deliberating and tallying ... we got to Subway and decided to check out the Taqueria next door.  We walked out with 3 chicken quesadillas.  They were tasty.  Much more tasty than a cold turkey sub.  

Post Script:  The blog title comes from Chris.  It's what he said after Ivy and I had spent about 30 minutes talking about what we felt like eating for dinner.  He was really hungry.  


Cindy said...

And I thought you were going to talk about how we all need more exercise, what a relief that is was about food and restaurants : )

Lynette said...

Actually I was wondering why Subway was on the list, let alone first (Subway is worldwide, Little Caesars is not). And I was confused for a second as to whether 1), 2), or 3) were the rankings or the points. Not important, just glad that your choice led you to a new place!

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