April 9, 2010

Guess what ladies and gentlemen ......

He's landed himself a job!!!  Can you believe it???  I mean, really, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?!?!?   The day has finally arrived .. and oh my, have we waited patiently.... so very very patiently.  We've prayed to Jesus Christ and to Buddha and lit incense and used Chinese fortune mapping and strategically placed crystals around his desk for positive energy flow and have talked about it and wished and hoped and cried and everything else you could possibly think of and today is The Day in which my Christopher got a job offer.  I am so so so happy and excited and relieved and thankful and proud and well a million other things... but I guess mostly just happy.  Very very happy.
I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can breath a sigh of relief.  

So anyways, today's post is dedicated to Chris.  
And I've decided to theme it: 

Happy Times with Chris.
So here we go...

Chris was really happy when he graduated from MIT. 

And also really happy when he met Warren Buffet:

And happy when he conquered his fear of heights hot air ballooning in Turkey:

And also really happy when he found out that something could actually lift him:

And he's really super duper happy when he's on the water because he loves the water and he loves wakeboarding:

But Chris is also really happy when he eats.... whether its steamed pork buns:

Or lobster (he really loves the lobster):

Actually come to think of it, Chris is pretty much happy all of the time.  No matter what he's doing or where he is or who he's with.  He's just happy.  Plain and simple.  The only time that I can remember him unhappy was when he turned 30:

And then the following year when he turned 31, he wasn't too happy then either.  And well when he was approaching month 10 of being unemployed, he also wasn't too happy, but now those days are over.  He'll be working soon!! And he'll have benefits and a paycheck!!!  Even though most of the paycheck will be going towards our school loans and debt, some of that paycheck, a very small part, will be going towards our wedding.  Which means one of these days even if it's in the very far future, we'll be able to have a wedding.  And that, I'm excited about.  Very excited.  

Anyhow, congratulations babe!  I'm very proud of you :)   


Mayra said...

Yay for paychecks, benefits, weddings! Yay!! Congrats Chris!! Where and what will he be doing?? Curious readers want to know:)

Cindy said...

Mazel Tov to Chris, maybe being in a temple in January helped... We are so happy for you guys!
Way to go! Does that mean you will get to see your strappy sandals again?

Christopher Gaudet said...

Wow, that was a rough 10 months. Now, finally I have a job and can kiss the days of being a house-husband and depending on my sugar momma, Ting, goodbye!!! Yahooo!!!

BTW, I like having complete blog posts dedicated to me. I think this is some of your best work Ting :) haha ....

UrbanDoggs said...

Congrats! I'm sure it is quite a relief. And now....you can get on with life. Ain't life grand?

mini said...


Coastal Suzz said...

Congrats Chris!!! I like the story, it's true...you area always happy (or at lesat appear to be)...this is awesome!! what a great feeling

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