April 26, 2010

a killer grip, baseball and dragonflies.

I was bored on Saturday night so I started to watch Poncho as he chewed on his mylar bone.  Yes this is what I do on Saturday nights.  Sigh.  Anyways, I got on the floor and just sat next to him and watched as he chewed away.  He gets really into it.  It's actually kinda interesting.  It's like he's in a trance or something.  Just look at his eyes.  

 And this is the funniest thing about him .... just look at his paws.  
Look at the grip.  He's got a whole system down in holding his bone. 
He's just that talented you know.

ANYways, today Chris and I went to see the Angels play the Yankees.  It was so unbelievably disgustingly hot.  One of my arms is burnt (not sure why the other isn't) and my legs have these weird heat rash thing going on.  But I had a hot dog, a pretzel and a root beer so I'm a happy camper. 
Here's Chris drinking the beer I forbade him from drinking.  He had an ulcer and is just getting over it and I told him that he cannot drink any beer, caffeine or eat any fatty oily foods for at least a few weeks and he snuck off to "use the restroom" and came back with a Coors Light. 

Oh and Chris is on a diet.  A very strict diet and it starts today.  He'll be going to the gym and eating less and healthier and can't drink beer, caffeine or carbonated beverages.  I'll be making sure he stays on this.  The only sad thing is, I'll be on the diet with him cause its too much trouble to prepare separate meals.  He is not going to get any more ulcers. 

OMG, tonight when I was fixing salads for me and Chris I was pulling salad out of the plastic box (you know the ones you get at Costco) and I was looking at the plate that I was putting Chris' salad on and guess what I saw ......  a dead DRAGONFLY.  Wings, head, legs and all.  I'm not kidding.  It looked just like this -- except it was dead and sitting in my salad.  

 google images: Dragonfly (by Victor Geere)

I started screaming and then Ivy started screaming and then Chris came over, pulled the dragonfly out, washed the salad leaves, and then proceeded to eat it (the salad, not the dragonfly).  I'm not eating salad anymore.  Ever.  

Anyhow .... tomorrow Chris starts work.  I'm very excited.  It should be interesting.  I keep thinking ... if Pam and Jim can do it ... we can do it  :)  


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Cindy said...

wait...wait...wait...are you guys working together??? AWESOME, maybe you can go into labor the same way Pam did too...

Sandy said...

Those are some REALLY good pics of the dog! Should I say nice camera or nice photographer?

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